About The Site

This site is currently a work in progress, and will be until the day I die, or give up. Whichever comes first! Feel free to let me know if anything is broken or question my state of mind.

It’s a collection of random fixes, workarounds and solutions I may have come across on the wider interweb, in work or somewhere else entirely. I restarted this again in 2018 and will / May at some stage update it with my archived posts, possibly, if they seem relevant and I remeber to do it.

It may help you, it may not, it does me and my sieve like memory.

There might, or might not be affiliate links and ads dotted here and there, please feel free to click them, purchase the unwanted items and help me become a millionaire before I retire.

No grammar or spelling is currently being checked…

So long. And thanks for all the fish!