Cylance unattended install on Mac

We recently realised we needed a decent, robust solution for patch mangement of the Macs within our domain.  We settled on Desktop Central from ManageEngine as it offers much more than patch management solutions.

One such option, is to deploy software.  While we can do this using AirWatch and our VPP account there are a number of applications that we’ve never manged to get installed using AirWatch. So to combat this and get Cylance installed on all of our Macs and automatically register with the correct key we had a bit of trial and error, but got there in the end…

First off, download the latest Cylance Agent for Mac from your portal.  My example used the .pkg and not the .dmg

Locate the download and pop it into a new folder.  inside the new folder create a blank file called cyagent_install_token, now select the installer package and the new file (without an extension) and zip them up so you end up with a single zip containing both files.

In Desktop Central Admin navigate to:

  • Software Deployment tab
  • Add Package
  • Mac

Now you need to select Add Files and Browse – select the zip file you created and wait for it to upload.

Expand the Advanced Options and insert the following into the Installation Command dialog box: (Remember to replace YOUR-TOKEN-HERE with your actual cylance install token

echo YOUR-TOKEN-HERE > cyagent_install_token && sudo installer -pkg CylancePROTECT.pkg -target /

The “&&” helps here, it tells the system to process the first echo command and if sucessful execute the installer command as a root user.

Naturally, you’ll need to give the package a name and fill in any other details you require.  As Cylance comes with an uninstaller, there’s no need to complete the uninstall portion of the package properties.


Happy camping!

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