McAfee FRP file corruption

McAfee File and Removable Media Protection.

If a user removes the special character from the filename on an unencrypted machine, this will corrupt the file and make it unreadable on machine with the relevant keys available. To rectify this issue:

* Copy the file, unencrypted to a formatted USB stick (ensure you have full access and not an encryption policy)

* Move the USB stick to a machine with no FRP protection

* Append the special character back to the end of the filename (usually a middle dot, middot, interpunct, interpoint character) “ยท”

* Move the USB stick back to a McAfee FRP protected computer

Access to the encrypted file should now be restored and we are able to decrypt the contents.

NB: If using this method, work with a copy of the damaged file and not the original, moving the file round on USB etc. can have adverse effects and may double encrypt the file making recovery much more difficult.

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